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Father Moon’s Words


When researching for this heading, I trawled through the internet for quotes.   Inevitably, there were some sites with clear agendas to discredit Father Moon as some sort of dangerous megalomaniac.   Obviously, I am not inclined to include these quotes, few as they are. Taken out of the context from which they were given then, yes, they might give a negative impression to any objective viewer.  I would counter by saying that at least 99% of his speeches are uncontroversial and many have breathtakenly beautiful content. The other 1% could be viewed as controversial and/or uneasy on the ear, where you could say those attending felt like they were being scolded as ‘naughty children’. 

Let’s not beat around the bush – we are talking about the separation of good and evil both within us and around us.  Therefore, Father and Mother Moon have not come among us to get us all ‘happy-clappy’ and feeling great about our lives.  Despite our best intentions, the world is a mess full of conflict and selfish action.  That is not going to change overnight, nor even decades. There is a lot of deep-seated anger and resentment, some of which we’ve inherited from our ancestors.  Long after I’ve gone, I will hope my son gets to see these changes happen. 


Really, how Father Moon spoke back in the early years is no different to any parents telling off their children for wrong actions or thoughts. Parents lay down ground rules all the time, especially with children that are still young.  Back in the day, we were young followers and we often needed correction.  It’s only when children learn these basic rules and grow up towards becoming responsible and mature teenagers and adults, that parents ease off and give them free rein.   

In a spiritual context, we are no different in terms of our own spiritual growth.  We are ‘reborn’ through the teachings and love of our True Parents but we go through three stages of growth, as with any process of creation we see around us: formation, growth and completion. 

·        Formation. This is usually 0-12 years in a family setting. Parents often have to constantly remind us of what is expected in order for a safe family environment to happen.  As young children, we accept this because we know it’s done from love and also we start to see the sense in what they’re saying. 

o   Some of what Father Moon said to us in the early years did appear as if he was chastising us.  This was often because we naively thought the world could be changed overnight (during the 1960s and 1970s) or that we didn’t need to do much change in ourselves or our way of thinking.

·        Growth.  This is usually 13-20 years, the so-called teenage years.   Parents still keep an eye on us but more from a distance in order to give us more space to develop.  It’s a period when we are given more freedom to explore the outside world, knowing we would be back in the family nest before it got too dark and scary!  It is also a time when teenagers start to understand more of what their parents have done and are doing for them.  A form of reciprocal love occurs where children start to return love to their parents by doing things around the house and generally behaving in ways that don’t worry or concern them.

o   In the 1980s and 1990s, it started to dawn on us that things weren’t going to change overnight and that we actually had to buckle down, get married and provide for families.  Often, Father Moon’s speeches reflected that requirement in us to now mature in our spiritual growth in both our own family living and in our outward service to others.

·        Completion.  This is from the age of 21 onwards in a family setting, when we are given the ‘key of the door’ i.e. to come and go as we please from the family home.  We are now fully matured adults where thoughts will now give rise to finding a life-long partner, leaving the family nest and setting up a family of our own.   I guess that’s the wonderful circle of life!

o   From the year 2000 onwards until his passing in 2012, Father Moon was himself in his eighties and in a more reflective mode of thinking. Nevertheless, he and Mother Moon felt confident enough to proclaim that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth had been established.  It may not have happened in reality but the foundation stones had been laid and now it remains for all of us to take up the mantle and start building it.  

So, just as Father Moon’s detractors have been selective in showing him in a poor light then I shall also be selective in showing some of the beauty and depth of his words.  The choice, ultimately, is yours to decide which view you may wish to take.   

Here are some of his words to reflect on:


As we enter the age of internationalisation and globalisation of the 21st century, we are confronted with the urgent task of overcoming a large number of difficult obstacles to world peace. I have a plan that addresses the fundamental root of all these problems. I have dedicated my entire life to the pursuit of the will of Heaven based on this belief.


Parental love is the greatest love in the world. Even people in the top rank of the world are nothing in front of their children. Parental love is unconditional and unlimited in the presence of children. Parental love is the origin of love. That’s why orphans, who have never received parental love, long for it most of all. Even if orphans have something to eat and a house in which to sleep, their hearts always hunger and are full of longing because they lack parental love. Even if they lead a joyful life in an orphanage, their time is not truly happy. The young orphans always long for parents even while they sing and dance, are awake and asleep. That’s because every human being is supposed to grow up in the bosom of love.


Today our world needs drastic change in order to become God-centred. I came to call for that change. The Divine Principle will bring about a revolution among humanity. The power of this truth is touching millions of human lives and igniting hundreds of thousands of them. It will bring about the true, lasting unification of the human family and the world.


Communism is trying to take the world by force. But God will take the world by love.


Every religious pioneer, including Jesus Christ, was persecuted by his contemporaries. But once people understand me, their turn can be dramatic like Saint Paul's. 


I can understand why Christians call us heretics. But most important, who will God call a heretic? From God's point of view, my revelation is deeply orthodox.


In my opinion, if we have not achieved peace, it is because people forget its most fundamental aspect. Before we talk about peace among nations, we must settle our peace with God. 


My every action is to liberate God from his sorrow. 


My mission is a cosmic mission. My concern is for all of humanity, and not only this present world, but the world hereafter. My mission penetrates the past, present, and future, and encompasses all humanity. 


There are enough churches already, but the world still needs salvation. 


There are many crooked lines and one straight line. Which is the line of truth? Why the straight line? Truth is always the shortest distance between two points. 


Throughout history no one has suffered more than God. He has suffered because his own children fell away from him. Ever since the Fall, God has been working tirelessly for the restoration of mankind. People do not know this broken-hearted aspect of God. 


True religious movements prosper and flourish under tribulation. 


I am not working at random or just on a whim. Our movement has a deep spiritual origin. It came into being at this particular time by a mandate of God. I have a divine guiding light. Even though many people think I am just doing things my own way, there is no such thing as my own way.


The greatest barrier to peace in our world today is greed and selfishness in the human heart. Individual greed opens the way to national greed. This leads to divisiveness and conflict among people and nations. Tragically, this has caused so much bloodshed and needless human suffering.


This aging but energetic evangelist has been outspoken in challenging countries to redirect their energies from wars to cooperative projects for peace and development.  Why must we continue pouring countless dollars into wars that, in the end, will never bring the reconciliation of enemies?  The time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources and advance toward the world of peace desired by God.  Some may doubt that such a project can be completed, but where there is a will, there is always a way - especially if it is the will of God.


It is time to set new coordinates for our lives and to come out from behind the barriers of our own nation, our own religion, our own race and culture and make a decisive effort for peace. God has been longing to see the human family reunited, and this is His time.


Our movement has the greatest weapon if you use that word ‘truth’. We also have the greatest target: the human heart.


The true sovereign is not the American president nor the English king, but the Lord of the Second Advent.


I do not condemn material things as satanic. The deciding factor is the man who controls them and uses them. If your motivation is absolutely God-centred, absolutely unselfish, then the material things are there for you to utilize for the benefit of humanity.


Father Moon’s words in an interview to Newsweek magazine (1976)

Interviewer: What problems do you see for the church and this work when you are no longer alive to lead it? How will the members respond to your absence?

Rev. Moon: I have consummated my personal mission here on earth. Therefore, whether I remain here on earth or whether I am taken to the spirit world doesn't make any difference. Our movement has laid a firm foundation. It exists here in the human level, but it is spiritually established; its root is God and the spirit world. On this foundation the movement will never fail. It will go on without me and the Kingdom of God shall become a reality here on earth.

Interviewer: I want to know if you see any danger of the church drifting toward becoming just another church among many. What can happen is that people who are establishment-oriented gain control and then empire-ambition begins to dominate.

Rev. Moon: This is the fundamental difference between the existing churches and the Unification Church. Ours is not a denomination but a movement of unification. Therefore, this movement will not cease in its revolutionary zeal or its pioneering task until the ultimate goal of establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth is physically accomplished and God is able to take great comfort and joy after his six thousand biblical years of suffering.


Sample sermon of Father Moon

I wish to reproduce a sample sermon he gave back in November 1978.   I got it from his official website and when I read it again tonight then all these memories came flooding back of that wonderful year of 1978, when he came to London and I could meet with him for the first time.

When speaking with members, Father Moon will always speak spontaneously without notes.  Usually these speeches last for hours (with one particular sermon going on for 16 hours with no break).   Even in his late eighties, a few years ago a close follower spoke of how he often only gets by on 2-3 hours sleep each night.  His sermon “preparation” is hours of prayer in the late night and early hours of the morning.    There are 450 published volumes of his sermons, with more underway, and he holds the Guinness world record for the number of published sermons by any religious leader.

Many of his sermons to us contained similar themes of the kind you are about to read.   It is an extremely beautiful speech, and if anyone asked me about how to bring out your spiritual self within, then I would ask them to read the following:  


How to Gain Spiritual Help - a sermon given by Father Moon on the 27th of November, 1978

What attitude do we need to nurture in order to move the spirit world? We need to change our concepts. Our attitude is an environment that must be prepared in order to receive spiritual help. We must use holy words and make ourselves channels to receive spiritual power.

Actually, the spirit world wants to be part of everything we have and do. They want to be involved to such a great extent. So whatever we may look at, we must search for the nobility in it, and treat it as if it were owned directly by royalty. Then everything becomes like an expensive antique, a God-given treasure. Each object is waiting for your touch, hoping to feel the vibration of God through you.

Consider all things holy. Why does a handkerchief owned by a holy man become so valuable?  Because of the vibration of the holy man. So you, too, should give all things a holy value. When you touch something, feel that you are giving it glory.

The same holds true for the people we meet and live with. When you see another person, how much do you care for him or her? How do you feel towards that person? You must really love each person you meet, because he or she is the temple of God. When you touch another person, feel that through your touch, both of you will be blessed.

We have two aspects, mind and body. Our true mind wants to touch our body with heart and give love to it. We should think of our mind as God's mind, because God loves it and that is where He dwells. Look at each man or woman as a holy person. Regard each person's body as sacred and their mind as hallowed.

If you live like this, you will soon hear a small voice inside of yourself, the sound of your mind. Wherever you walk, no evil or darkness can remain. Only good spirits can touch you if you create such an atmosphere. If you place yourself in such a position, then spirit world will pour down upon you its abundant blessing and power.

You must attract this power from the spirit world and then weld yourself to it. Make it one with your body, so that even your arms and legs feel special. When you are in bed, even if it is a sleeping bag, your surroundings will become like a king's palace; your body will be resting in a king's bed.

You must name yourself as the dwelling place of God. Then all good spirits will touch you. When you go to bed, lie down with a beautiful mind. Remove all ugliness from it. In the morning when you wake, come before the deep bosom of God, and then, when you go out to work, you will embark from the throne of God.

The spirit world is always around you, listening and attentive. Always be aware that it is within your reach. If you keep thinking this way, then you will be able to control your circumstances. Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God's frequency. Resonate with God's unselfishness.

If you partake of this resonance with God, then when you see someone, you will automatically be able to sense what type of person he is. Sometimes you will be able to see your own spirit man with your own eyes. Train yourself and discipline yourself to develop this capacity. If you live this way, you will be always able to act in the right way when an emergency arises.

You are in competition with the spirit world, so you must be determined to surpass it. The position of a true man or woman is to control the spirit world, not the other way round. With prayer coming from deep within your mind, you can move a person from outside to inside. Become a magnet, a mover of people's spirits; become a spiritual magnet, drawing people with love. Maintain this condition or attitude, and then your prayer will become a reality.

Pray with all your heart, focusing your mind and soul on the object of your prayer, otherwise your mind will become restless and hasty. In the life of prayer, you must make the time to pray. Sit down - even if it takes eight hours - and pray; this time will never be wasted. Then you can go out and work eight hours for God. Therefore, be prayerful now and then go out, you and God together. If you have to write a sermon, for instance, the spirit world will help you prepare it. If you go out, the spirit world will lead you. You will discover the feeling of breaking through; you will become selfless, feeling the power of your mind and body pulling together in harmony.

So the key word for this kind of life is respect.

        Respect all things as holy things.

        Respect all men as holy men.

        Respect yourself as a holy person.

        Respect your mind as holy.

        Respect your body as holy.

        Pay deep respect to all people, no matter what kind of person they may be.

        As a child, be respectful towards an elderly person.

        Think over your words three times before uttering them and always have a humble attitude.

Always share with others the best thing you have. Empty your pocketbook to give; then you will deserve the best result. If you do not do good for your fellowman, you will have no sleep. If you have done good, then your mind will rest in peace. Unpack the dirty elements inside yourself and cleanse them. Open up the baggage of your mind and look what you find there. Don't harbour selfish feelings; repent publicly for any selfish feelings you may have entertained. Practice the virtue of meekness.

If you push yourself to develop these attitudes, then the spirit world must descend to assist you. The spirit world is using so many channels by which to come down and participate in God's providence; they will choose the best one to use first.

In any church a true leader must be able to mobilize the spirit world. When you touch it, all kinds of phenomena start to occur - some very strange, some very wonderful. Don't be manipulated by them. You be the subject. Don't let yourself be driven by strange phenomena; before this, you may have had to face these challenges all alone, but now you have a clearer understanding.

You already know the secret of tapping power from the spirit world; witness to others, pouring out all your heart, soul and mind for them. When I was in prison camp, I would pray, and prisoners would just come to me and stand there. When they were introduced to me through the guidance of spirit world they would cling to me.

You, too, can develop that energy. The problem is that you are often too distant from thinking about the spiritual dimension: holy things, holy mankind, holy temple, holy mind.  When I was in the worst of situations, lonely and hungry, a revelation would come or an important guest would appear before me. When I needed money, the spirit world would guide someone to me. Spirit world is never far away; they can cooperate with us. We should always feel that we are not doing quite enough, and that we always have to try harder.

Act with the support of the spirit world. If they are behind you, you will never be lonely, you will always have energy and power. Even though you may be penniless, still - have no fear. You can be adventurous and bold. On the road of success, the more you walk, the further you yearn to go.

Who knows how long he or she will live? Maybe tomorrow you will die, at a mere 25 or 30 years of age. Do you have some guarantee from God as to how long you will live? No one has such a guarantee.

A wise person thinks like this: "I have only a short time to live. Within this time I must prepare myself for eternity. The way I live in the next two years will be the model for my eternal life." Then explode your sense of love. Love God, and love another person as God. For an entire day, 24 hours, pour out your entire energy for someone. If you love a person like this, even though you may die early, you will have made the highest accomplishment in all eternity. Then when God gives you more time to live, your response will be immense gratitude. Push yourself to live more fully. The person who expects death and then is given life dwells in the fullest gratitude.

Leave behind something that God can praise. Each moment is so precious - there is no time for worry or frustration. The person who recognizes that earthly life is short compared to eternity and, therefore, condenses his accomplishments is a wise man indeed. Think about what "label" you wear spiritually on your forehead. Ask yourself how many people, how many clans, how many tribes, how many nations you have loved.

Seek to become that master of love. Program your life like that, and you will never be a loser. Plan as if you only had two years to live, and then by the third year, when you are still alive, think of the joy of living! This is "resurrected" living. I still have so much to do - love my wife, love my children, love all mankind. I have to love my church; I must pay indemnity for all mankind; I need to liberate man from sin. I am determined to leave behind tremendous assets.

When you work, you must love that business, love the products you work with, and, of course, love the people. Always give honour to the other people. God created us, but we are also shaping ourselves and restoring our original value. Return a portion of what you earn to God as a tithe. Give one-tenth to the local church, one-tenth to the national level work and one-tenth for the worldwide level - three-tenths in all.

When you give to others, don't think that you are giving to them out of your own pocket. Give out as though it were coming from a heavenly treasure. Then the person who is receiving through you is actually receiving from God. The spirit world can then help you, and God will remember everything and return it to you ten times over.

Make your company a dwelling of God; don't just feel like a worker or supervisor. Invest your heart in your work. Determine to make it a business that will serve all people. Then wherever your business goes, it becomes God's "love extension." Whatever you are responsible for, give it your heart and soul on a 24-hour basis; feel like you are the parent and it is your baby.

Whatever you do, think that you are carrying it out in partnership with God. Feel that you are the second owner and pour all your love into it. The one who loves something the most is the ultimate owner. When you give love, you will attain infinite value.

End of sermon

The teacher closest to you is none other than your own conscience … God dwells there … learn to listen to your conscience


UPF Founding Statement:  Renewing the United Nations to Build Lasting Peace

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Monday, September 12, 2005

In his founding address of the Universal Peace Federation on September 12, 2005, Rev. Sun Myung Moon issued a call for a renewal of the United Nations. Many other leaders were echoing that theme during the 60th anniversary of the founding of the UN. Rev. Moon envisions the wisdom of the world's religions being included in the deliberations of this organization that embodies the hopes for peace of people in every nation. This proposal for an interreligious body had previously been introduced during his speech at the UN on August 18, 2000 and in his 2005 speech to the UN, he was introducing it again. 

I think it was an excellent idea to create a UN Senate made up of world religious bodies and those from the cultural and educational fields.   The problem with the UN is that its representatives too often promote narrow national interests rather than the larger worldview.  As he says, this proposed UN Senate would first need to demonstrate an ability to speak for the concerns of the entire world and humanity at large’ for it to work. Father Moon’s proposal has not been taken up unfortunately, but I have every confidence that it will happen in the near future when his legacy has been properly assessed.

The following are excerpts of that address:


Conflicts arise for many reasons. But one of primary factors contributing to their emergence is the deep-rooted disharmony that exists among the world's religions. Therefore, when we witness the many global tragedies occurring around us, we should recognize how critically important it is that the religions come together, dialogue with one another, and learn to embrace one another.

In the modern age, in most nations, religious ideals have come to hold a place wholly separate from the centres of secular political power, and most people have come to accept this reality as the way things ought to be. I believe, however, that it is time that international organizations whose purpose is to support the ideal of world peace reconsider their relationship with the great religious traditions of the world.

On this point, the United Nations, more than any other international organization, can set a good example and lead the way. The world has great expectations for the United Nations as an organization embodying humanity's aspiration for peace. In the United Nations, the representatives of all nations work in concert to promote peace and human prosperity.

Of course, the conscientious efforts to establish peace, undertaken by these national representatives at the United Nations, often meet stubborn resistance. The accomplishments and achievements attained through the United Nations have been significant. However, there is much room for improvement. I believe there is an urgent need today, within the United Nations and through its many activities, to encourage mutual respect and increased cooperation between the world's political and religious leaders.

The original ideal for human beings is that we live with our mind and body united in resonance with God's true love. It is because human beings resemble God as God’s sons and daughters that the mind and body of each individual can truly unite without struggling against each other. Within God there is no disharmony between internal and external characteristics. This is so because the absolute God has no contradiction or conflict within God’s Being.

The human ideal to achieve oneness of mind and body can be realized only when people completely possess God's true love. The biblical verse, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God," illustrates this point. Peacemakers are persons whose mind and body are in unity centering on the true love of God.

As a result of the fall, human beings lost the standard by which our minds and bodies could be brought into oneness and harmony, and humanity has lived in internal strife and self-contradiction. The clashes of the mind and body within the individual have expanded and now manifest themselves in the family, society, nation, and the world. For example, this unresolved struggle between mind and body is what precipitated the elder brother Cain's murder of his younger brother Abel.

All the conflicts and wars in history have been essentially battles between a Cain camp, relatively tending towards evil, and an Abel camp, relatively tending toward goodness. Humanity must end these struggles between Cain and Abel camps and restore the original state of harmony and love. To do this, each of us must end the conflict between our mind and body, and bring them into harmonious union.

At their root, human problems are not entirely social or political, and so social and political approaches will always be of limited effectiveness. Although secular authorities rule most human societies, religion lies at the heart of most national and cultural identities. In fact, religious faith and devotion have far greater importance in most people’s hearts than do political loyalties.

The time has come for religion to renew itself and manifest true leadership in the world. People of faith should feel responsibility for the plight, suffering and injustices experienced by the world's peoples. Religious people have not been good examples in the practice of love and living for the sake of others, and for this reason should engage in deep self-reflection. It is time for religious people to repent for their preoccupation with individual salvation and narrow denominational interests. Such practices have prevented religious bodies from giving their utmost to the cause of world salvation. Our age more than any other demands that we go beyond our faiths, and the interests of particular religions, and put our love and ideals into practice for the sake of the world.

In particular, God calls upon us leaders, especially religious leaders, in hope that we will stand against the injustices and evils of the world, and bestow His true love upon the world. Hence, all people of faith must become one in heart in order to give full expression, both in words and actions, to God's passionate desire for humanity's restoration and peace.

World peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders, who represent the internal concerns of the mind and conscience, work cooperatively and respectfully with national leaders who have much practical wisdom and worldly experience about the external reality or "body." In this light, it is time for us to give serious consideration even to the prospect of restructuring the United Nations. For example, perhaps it is possible to envision the United Nations as a bicameral institution.

The existing United Nations structure, composed of national representatives, may be regarded as a congress where the interests of each member nation are represented. However, I submit that serious consideration should be given to forming a religious assembly, or council of religious representatives within the structure of the United Nations. This assembly or council would consist of respected spiritual leaders in fields such as religion, culture, and education. Of course, the members of this interreligious assembly will need to have demonstrated an ability to transcend the limited interests of individual nations and to speak for the concerns of the entire world and humanity at large.

The two chambers, working together in mutual respect and cooperation, will be able to make great advances in ushering in a world of peace. The wisdom and vision of great religious leaders will substantially supplement the political insight, experience and skill of the world's political leaders.

Even at this moment, more and more conflicts are breaking out across the world over disputed borders. As a result, the world is sustaining substantial loss of human life. In addition, the money poured into war-making and peacekeeping runs into the billions of dollars. So many resources and efforts are being wasted. Yet, comprehensive solutions have not been fully achieved with respect to any given conflict.

I propose that each nation, in addition to its current ambassador, send a religious ambassador to the United Nations to serve as a member of the religious assembly, or U.N. senate. The mission of the representatives to this U.N. senate would require that they have a genuinely ecumenical or interreligious consciousness and that they have the training and ability to teach a universal, transnational ideal of peace. The nature of their purpose and mission would prohibit their promoting the narrow interests of a particular country. Rather, they would carry out their duties for the ideal of peace in the world and for the sake of all humanity in accordance with God's Will.

The interreligious ambassador appointed as a member of the United Nations senate or council should have a global consciousness and take responsibility to represent the United Nations' global vision and agenda. In this sense, these persons could be thought of as global ambassadors from the United Nations. Wherever they go in the world, these ambassadors would promote movements dedicated to the realization of peace and social welfare. Moreover, in all nations, they would serve as conscientious guardians of lofty ideals such as justice, security, and peace.

This will provide hope to the citizens of the world, and especially the youth. People will then have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the emergence of young people around the world seeking true love and lasting peace. Those selected as ecumenical and transnational ambassadors will also be able to help guide and supervise various U.N. sponsored projects in health, education, welfare, and other fields.

Respected world leaders, let us join our hands and hearts to improve our institutions and organizations so that the precious wisdom of religion, along with that of scholars, statesmen, and people of insight and knowledge, can be mobilized to solve the serious and urgent crises of the world.

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